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About CYC

Corinthian Yacht Club of Portland was organized in 1974 for the primary purposes of sponsoring sailboat racing activities on the Columbia River, providing social and networking opportunities for its members and the sailing community as a whole, sponsoring educational activities and programs on sailing, and promoting amateur sailboat racing in general. We remain committed to the concept of a club just for sailors, and primarily for racing sailors. We are probably best known for our sponsorship of the Oregon Offshore Race and the Opening Day Regatta.  But we are just as proud of our other events, the success of our members in races all over the Northwest (and beyond), and the other contributions we are able to make to the sailing community. 

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Contact us at
Corinthian Yacht Club of Portland
865 NE Tomahawk Island Drive, Suite 102 Box 302
Portland, OR 97217

CYC Board of Directors & Chairs

2018 CYC Board of Directors  
Commodore  Craig Garrison
Rear Commodore Jenn Thompson
Vice Commodore Dennis Damore
Secretary Gregg Bryden
Treasurer Doug Schenk
2018 CYC Trustees  
Eric Rouzee

Michelle Bennett
Eric Hopper

Phil Lewis

CYC Committee Chairs  
Race Captain Dennis Damore
PHRF Director Eric Hopper

Jenn Thompson
Website Jenn Thompson
Stewart Carter

CYC Contacts

Commodore Craig Garrison
Treasurer Doug Schenk
Membership Chair
PHRF Director Eric Hopper
SOS Series Stewart Carter
Race Captain Dennis Damore
Jenn Thompson
Sponsorship Chair
Stewart Carter