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Pretty Daughter, Tasila, Captures Social Media

President Edgar Lungu’s stunning daughter Tasila today made a rare public appearance and immediately captured and buy 500 instagram followers created a social media stampede.Tasila also stole the show with a dance at the Africa Freedom Celebration triggerig characters from a cross section surrendering their otherwise private phone numbers to access a clip.Eric Jere did not hide his intentions and immediately chuckled; “Am writing a letter to the president for a hand in marriage to Tasila. Am offering 50 cows and 200 goats as dowry, Lolest.Those honored and awarded are first republican President Kenneth Kaunda, Alexander Grey Zulu, Sikota Wina and Author Nutuliti Lubinda Wina and Dingsiwayo Hyden Banda who have both been honored posthumously.Others who have been honored posthumously are Elijah Haatukali Kaiba Mudenda, John Mupanga Mwanakatwe, Justine Musonda Chimba, and Mathias Mainza Chona.The rest are Munukayumba Sipalo, Nalumino Mundia, Peter Wilfred Matoka, Reuben Chitandika Kamanga, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe and Solomon Kalulu

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Social Media as a Tool in Medicine,Social Media and Clinical Care

the freely available Web-based platforms that facilitate information sharing of user-generated content, such as social networking sites, media-sharing sites, blogs, microblogs, buy more twitter followers and wikis, have transformed the way we communicate as a society. Through community building, message amplification, rapid dissemination, and engagement, social media has changed our interactions with others and, by direct consequence, our relationships. For health care, this represents a veritable social revolution. Indeed, medicine is constantly evolving to adapt to new technologies. These advances have led to new therapies, diagnostic tools, and ways of communicating. As physicians and lifelong learners, it has been imperative to embrace the new when it has meant better and more efficient patient care while holding on to the stable tenets of medicine that root our profession: humanism, integrity, ethics, professionalism,

It is laughable for Zambian Reports to report that Tasila Lungu is pretty. She is actually one of the worst ugly girls in our country. There is nothing good that can come out from the Kachasu Man’s trousers.Frankliy speaking, Iam 10 times beautiful that brick shaped girl, whom i was told how to buy real instagram followers she drinks like her father.Who knows, from the look of things, the young girl may be sleeping with her father. I dont trust the Kachasu Man anyway. Beer seem to have stollen his level of thinking.See how he is persecuting Dr. Mutembo Nchito for nothing.Prepare to be tormented wen u leave office next year you chakolwa man.Somewhat hypothetical kind of comment from ba Hilda Malama. A report in the media about the beauty of Lungu’s daughter has triggered a seemingly frustrated Hilda.Oh poor lady, send your image we check how many “likes” you will receiveWell, just assuming, if you are married it must be hell for you – single, nobody wants to propose. Tasila has somebody promising to pay dowry outrightly.

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